Agenda for City Commission Special Meeting Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, 14 November 2023; 11:00 a.m.
Maysville Municipal Building


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll call
  3. Minutes of Oct. 12, 2023 Meeting and Department Reports
  4. Public Announcements/Updates
  5. Appointment: Lieutenant in Fire Department
  6. Jason Highfield with AirVac
  7. Discussion: Recycling Update
  8. Discussion: Renaming a City Street
  9. Discussion: Short Term Rentals
  10. Discussion: Health Insurance for Elected Officials
  11. Motion: Cleaner Water Act Funds
  12. Resolution Awarding Annual Paving Contract; 23-56
  13. Resolution Awarding Bid for Fire Rescue Boat; 23-57
  14. Resolution Authorizing Sale of Property Known as Union Street Extension & Portion of James M. Buckley Place; 23-58
  15. Resolution Authorizing Mayor’s Proclamation Honoring Local Veterans; 23-59
  16. Resolution Authorizing Bid for Snow Plow Truck; 23-60
  17. Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Sign Deed for Maysville Manufacturing Property; 23-61
  18. Resolution Authorizing Lease Agreement with Rose to Bros, LLC; 23-62
  19. Municipal Order Amending Personnel Manual; 23-03
  20. Ordinance Amending Code of Ordinances Title XIV Section 201 – Abandoned Property Licensing, second reading; 23-17
  21. Ordinance Amending Code of Ordinances Chapter 240 – Mobile Food Units, second reading; 23-18
  22. Ordinance Creating Allowance & Process for Eminent Domain, second reading; 23-19
  23. Ordinance Amending Historic Overlay District Code of Ordinances 320.409, second reading; 23-20
  24. Closed Session Pursuant to KRSn 61.810(1)(b): Deliberations on the future acquisition or sale of real property, (c): Discussions of proposed pending litigation, and (f): discussions which might lead to appointment, discipline or dismissal of an individual employee.
  25. Appointment: Public Works & Utility Department
  26. Motion to Adjourn