Kentucky Changers Project Applications Available

Kentucky Changers will be in Maysville July 6-13, 2024.

Kentucky Changers is an organization sponsored by the Kentucky Baptists Convention that uses young people 7th through 12th grades to refurbish exteriors of homes.

They do work like repair of roofs, painting, decks, ramps, siding, and landscaping.

If you have a problem with the exterior of your home, they are interested in working on your home at NO COST to the homeowner.

Applications are available at Maysville City Hall, 216 Bridge Street.

All applications will be considered but all may not be selected. The final decision will be made by the selection committee of Kentucky Changers. Submitting an application does not guarantee that your home will be chosen as a work site. Applications are solely for consideration. Kentucky Changers reserves the right to reject any application.

Kentucky Changers is a non-profit organization that is a hands-on, youth oriented, on-mission organization which exists to impact all people involved.