Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Fee Goes Into Effect July 1.

On June 26, 2024, the City of Maysville Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance No. 24-04 establishing an alcoholic beverage regulatory fee of 2.5% of gross receipts of alcoholic beverages sold by each business holding an alcoholic beverage license. The regulatory fee will reimburse the City for policing, regulation, and administration of alcoholic beverages sold within the City limits of Maysville. The ABC regulatory fee went into effect upon publication, and fees should be paid on alcoholic beverage gross receipt sales beginning July 1, 2024.

The regulatory fee is to be paid on a quarterly basis due on the 30th of the month after the quarter ends. For example, the third quarter will end on Sept. 30th, and the fee will be due by Oct. 30th. A credit will be given in the amount of the license payment, which will be reimbursed, if any is due, upon submission of a reconciliation/request by the 30th of January each year and if all other fees owed to the City have been paid.

Forms may be downloaded here: ABC Regulatory Fee Quarterly Form and ABC Regulatory Fee Reconciliation.  These forms may also be found on the City website -