City Clerk

It is the mission of the City Clerk to accurately and effectively maintain the official records of the City of Maysville, including commission proceedings, ordinances, resolutions, and municipal orders; respond to requests for information from citizens and City personnel in a courteous manner, and ensure that the City meets or exceeds all legal standards for record-keeping and responses to requests for records.

Additional Information

Alcoholic Beverage Administrator
The City Clerk is also the Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator for the City of Maysville. She assists business owners with applications for state licenses and determines approval as well as a collection of alcoholic beverage fees, and issuance/denial of City of Maysville alcoholic beverage licenses.
Notary Service
As a notary public, the City Clerk and Asst. City Clerk are a public servants appointed by the state government to witness the signing of documents and to administer oaths. Notaries public notarize documents to deter fraud and ensure proper execution. There is no charge for notary services. A state driver’s license or photo ID is required and the document must be signed in the presence of the Notary Public. 
Board & Commission Liaison