Maysville Police Department Chaplain Program

We are grateful to have two full-time chaplains to help our community and our officers. Our chaplains are Chaplain Tony Liess and Chaplain Adam Burton.

The Maysville Police Chaplains have attended the International Conference of Police Chaplains training.

Our chaplains have put on a program to help MPD officers in responding to stress and trauma called Reboot Recovery.

We are very grateful to have our Chaplains ride along with officers. If one of our officers are in need of speaking with one of them, they are always there to support our officers and our officers trust in their conversations and that they will remain confidential.

Former Chaplain Elizabeth Smith organized the MPD Spouse Support Group. This provides an opportunity for spouses of officers to meet with one another and discuss topics which are important to them.

MPD Chaplains continuously offer their support to officers by being there. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to our Chaplains.
Tony Liess             Adam Burton