Trash & Recycling

Residential trash collection is $14.72/month and is billed along with monthly utility service. Collection is provided by Rumpke Garbage Service. For any issue regarding garbage service, please call 800-828-8171.

Businesses are responsible for setting up trash service through a private entity.


Recycling trailers are located at the Public Works Department, 1720 Martha Comer Drive. They are available to the City of Maysville residents 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. 

Residential Trash Collection

Standards for collecting garbage, trash and yard waste:

  • All garbage must be placed by the curbside in sealed containers (ex: trash cans or bags).
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and bundled with twine or duct tape for pick up.
  • Furniture will be picked up by Rumpke on regular trash day. Upholstered furniture must be wrapped in plastic, which can be picked up from public works. For questions or to notify Rumpke of large item collection, call 800-828-8171.
  • Landlords removing furniture and/or trash placed for collection at times other than those allowed under § 152.05 and § 152.06 (hereinafter unallowed trash) from rental property shall dispose of the furniture and/or unallowed trash by private means. If furniture and/or unallowed trash is set out for collection by an occupant without calling Rumpke to make an appointment or by the landlord or other non-occupants of the property, Public Works Department will not remove the items. Such items will be tagged by Public Works notifying the occupant or landlord that the items must be disposed of within 24 hours, or, may call Public Works and schedule a pick-up only after the cost to remove the items has been paid for at City Hall. If the items are not properly disposed of in the 24 hour period or a pick-up is not scheduled, Public Works will dispose of the items and bill the occupant or landlord $10 per item plus $40 per load. The occupant/landlord will have 30 days to pay the bill. (If not paid after 30 days, the Code Enforcement Officer may file a lien against the property in addition to the penalties in § 152.99). Furniture, all upholstered items, and all mattresses are required to be wrapped in plastic prior to collection.
  • Small amounts of yard waste will be collected the same day as garbage and will continue to be free of charge. Large amounts (those piles taking more than 15 minutes to collect) will be picked up at rate of $50 per hour. This does not apply to area-wide storm damage, which will continue to be removed as time permits.