New Business Guidelines

In any endeavor, there are a number of steps to success. The same can be said for opening a new business.
The following resources will help you on that journey without any missteps. In it you will find information on where to go and who to talk to about zoning requirements, building codes and inspections, trash collection, taxes, and licensing.

New Business FAQs

Where To Go
You will find many of your questions can be answered at Maysville Municipal Building — 216 Bridge Street.

There are a number of departments and agencies all in one place. The Municipal Building houses the Maysville Administrative Offices, which includes business and alcoholic beverage licensing, building codes, and planning and zoning from the Bridge Street entrance. On the lower level is the Maysville Utility Department. Both it and the Maysville Fire Department are located off the parking lot at the rear of the building. 

Adjacent to the Municipal Building on Third Street is the Maysville-Mason County Chamber of Commerce.
Where To Start
The city has instituted zoning regulations to ensure that business activities are conducted in appropriate commercial zones. Zoning regulation also addresses issues such as signage, landscaping, fencing, screening of trash dumpsters, and off-street parking.

The first step is making sure that a property is zoned for a specific type of business. Contact Zoning Administrator George Larger at 606-564-2719 or
Zoning regulations contain specific requirements for the size and location of all commercial signs. A sign permit is required before any new sign may be installed. Temporary, portable, or signs on public ways or utility poles are prohibited. Distribution or posting of flyers or handbills on vehicles, telephone poles, and other public property is prohibited. 

Contact Zoning Administrator George Larger at 606-564-2719 or
Permits & Inspections
Building Permits
A building permit is required for all new construction or for additions to, remodeling of, and change of use of existing buildings. 

Contact Jim Fawcett at 606-564-2525 or
Electrical inspections are required for all new wiring or any change to existing wiring. Electrical inspectors are not city employees, but the following have been approved by Maysville City Commission:
Phil Montgomery, 606-356-2840
Larry Rice, 859-338-6109
Robert Scott, 606-402-0172
Changing of Tenants
A building inspection is required when the occupant of commercial building or space changes.
Contact Jim Fawcett at 606-564-2525 or
Fire Inspections
The Maysville Fire Department will inspect commercial buildings annually for fire hazards and to assure that any emergency equipment or appliances are being properly maintained. A fire inspection needs to be done before a business license will be issued for a new business.

The fire department may be reached at 606-564-9411.
Business Licensing
Occupational Licenses

A business license (occupational license) is required of any business operating in the city limits of Maysville. A license must be purchased prior to start of business and renewed annually by submission of a gross receipts license return.

Employers Quarterly License Fee Withheld

Businesses are required to withhold 1.99% from all employees working in the city limits regardless of residency. Fees are due on a quarterly basis.

Comptroller Joseph Rodosta at 606-564-2701 or   
Melissa Wood at 606-564-2710 or
Alcoholic Beverage Licensing
Any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages by-the-drink or packaged is required to obtain a city license to do so. The local Alcoholic Beverage Administrator must approve both the local and state application for all businesses selling alcoholic beverages within the City limits. She can help business owners navigate the process. Click here for more information on ABC licensing.

Contact City Clerk/ABC Administrator Lisa R. Dunbar at 606-564-2718 or
Sidewalk Maintenance
The owner or occupant of any property is responsible for maintenance and repair of sidewalks adjacent to their property, including removal of weeds, litter, snow and ice.
Contact Maysville Police Department for registration of and guidelines on the installation of fire and security alarm systems — 606-564-9411.
Fa├žade Funding
Businesses  may be eligible for façade grants and/or tax credits for capital improvements to their property.

Contact Main Street Manager Caroline Reece at 606-563-2596 ext. 104 or
Additional Resources
Contact the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control at or 502-564-4850.

Obtain a Federal Tax I.D. Number from the Internal Revenue Service.

For information on Registering a New Business & Kentucky State Taxes visit

For information on Mason County regulations, call the Judge-Executive’s office at: 606-564-6706.