Commission on Human Rights


Mission Statement

The mission of the Maysville Commission on Human Rights is to promote unity, understanding, and equal opportunity though education, awareness, and action.

The functions and responsibilities of Maysville Commission on Human Rights are outlined under Code of Ordinances 71.097:

  • Promote and secure mutual understanding and respect among all economic, social, religious, ethnic and racial groups
  • Cooperate with federal, state and other city agencies in an effort to develop harmonious intergroup and interracial relations
  • Endeavor to enlist the support of civic, religious, labor, industrial and commercial groups and civic leaders dedicated to the improvement of intergroup and interracial relations and the elimination of discriminatory practices
  • Advise the Board of Commissioners on fair hiring practices and compliance with state regulations
  • Safeguard all individuals within the city from discrimination because of race, color, religion or national origin, sex, disability, familial status, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
The Commission on Human Rights is to be made up of persons who are nearly as possible representative of the several social, economic, religious, cultural, ethnic and racial groups that comprise the population of the city.

Current members and officers:

  • Carrie Jacobs
  • Patricia Whitaker
  • Carmen Gomez
  • Yolanda Perry
  • Jason Giles
Duties and Powers

  • Recommend legislation to the Mayor and to the Board of Commissioners as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this of the Commission.
  • Submit an annual report as to its activities and the status of interracial relations and discriminatory practices in the city at the March meeting of the Board of
  • Commissioners
  • Recommend to the Board of Commissioners the acceptance of grants and donations from foundations and others for the purpose of carrying out the Commission’s functions.
  • Authorize expenditures as approved by the Treasurer who shall be elected by the Commission and who shall make semi-annual financial report to the Commission, which shall be sent to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners.
  • Adopt rules to govern its proceedings and hold open public meetings as often as it deems necessary.
The Commission on Human Rights meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5:15 p.m. in the commission chamber at Maysville Municipal Building, 216 Bridge Street. Meetings are once again open to the public. 

City Clerk Lisa Dunbar is the staff liaison for the Commission on Human Rights and may be contacted at 606-564-2718 or